In Need of Adequate/Affordable Housing?

We are currently reorganizing and are not accepting applications for partner families at this time. Please read the criteria below and check back to see when we will reopen the application process. We are a non-discriminatory, equal housing opportunity organization.

How to Get Started

Please read the guidelines below. You will need the following information to complete an application:

  • Income tax forms for the past three years
  • Proof of other income (SSI, child support, etc)
  • Most recent pay stubs for all employed household members
  • A copy of your lease or latest rent payment
  • Copies of last month’s utility bills
  • Documentation of all loans you owe, including auto loan


Need More Adequate Housing

  • Our housing is structurally unsafe, or
  • Our housing is overcrowded, or
  • We pay more than 1/3 of our monthly income for housing, and
  • We are unable to qualify for any mortgage, and
  • Our household income can support payments of at least $400 per month.

Are Able To Pay On A No-Interest, 20 to 30 Year Mortgage

  • Permanent residents of US
  • Free from liens that might take your house
  • Is up to 30% of your income available for housing? (Habitat mortgage payments include taxes and insurance.)

Are Willing to Partner with Habitat for Humanity

  • Are you willing to attend financial management classes?
  • Are you willing to attend mortgage information classes?
  • Are you willing to utilize free income tax services each year?
  • Are you willing to open a savings account that will reach $1000 or more by the mortgage closing?
  • Are you willing to complete 300 hours of volunteer work for Habitat before you home? (100 of these hours may be donated by friends or extended family.) These are called “sweat equity”.
  • Are you willing to be responsible for all maintenance and repairs of your home after you move in?
  • Are you willing to work with Habitat’s Family Selection Committee at least one year after move in?